"Attention: 68% Of Your Customers Are Looking For You On Mobile, What Are You Showing Them?"

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The day of the mobile revolution isnít just about to come, itís already here with us and here to stay. According to Google, more than 73 Million Americans alone currently own a smartphone and by the end of 2015 there will be more smartphones ie( iPhones, Windows Phones, Blackberrys Samsungs, HTCs, Nokias ) on Internet than PCs.

Do You Know These Users are Looking for Your Business?
According to a modern research, the bulk of users searching for a local business from a smart phone are looking to buy immediately. Think of it this way, the reason why you picked that business card was to make a contact, and this is exactly how mobile users think. Give them swift access to essential information such as services offered, map directions and your business hours. Then let them call or find your business with a single finger tap using the click-to-call or mobile maps buttons!

We specialize in constructing mobile websites that get results. Our team at Promotion Creatives Digital Marketing Agency will build you a custom mobile website that will include all of your siteís content in a mobile friendly format. Customers will see the mobile website automatically any time they visit your site from a smartphone! Your website automatically becomes compatible with all the major smartphones such as iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Windows, Nokia.

In addition you will get detailed up to date monthly analytics reports showing how many site visitors you had to your site and the number of click to calls, sms and map queries. Contact us for a free Sample Mobile Website Mockup!

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mobile website mockup
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mobile website mockup

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